ED Warns Divisive Zanu PF DCCs

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By Anna Chibamu

THE recently reintroduced Zanu PF District Coordinating Committees (DCCs) have exposed some of its members across the country to be divisive officials whose actions are destabilising the operations of the ruling party, President Emmerson Mnangagwa has admitted.

Addressing a “special” Zanu PF Central Committee meeting at the party headquarters Saturday, a tough talking Mnangagwa, however, warned errant DCC members not view their positions as; “stepping stones for canvassing support for parliamentary and other positions.”

The stubborn DCC members are reported to be suspended or expelling opponents in the ruling party in the interests of securing higher positions in council, Parliament, province, and the Politburo.

However, Mnangagwa ordered them to respect that party’s constitution and ensure the growth of the ruling party.

“Such was the spirit of reintroducing the DCCs. The respect of the party constitution, loyalty, loyalty, loyalty, discipline, and servant leadership must always be our guiding principles.

“We are a party that serves the people and does not entail having a post. There is no room for unbridled ambitions in the party. Those with tendencies of pretending as if party structures are their personal property stand warned and must stop the unbecoming behaviour.

“We are a people’s party full stop. No one can ever change this trait of our colossal revolutionary party – Zanu PF.”

Mnangagwa’s stern warning came only a few days after he removed Victor Matemadanda as Zanu PF political commissar. Matemadanda is also set lose his ministerial post as Deputy Defence Minister as he is set to be redeployed to head a foreign diplomatic mission.

DCC members were elected into office last December.

However, most of the district elections were marred by violence, intimidation, vote buying and rigging.

Matemadanda and some DCC members are also being accused of manipulating Zanu PF structures ahead of the 2023 national elections.

Last week, Politburo members were forced to issue a circular warning DCC members against deviating from the party’s constitution by decampaigning sitting MPs and councillors.

The DCCs were reintroduced last year after they were banned by the then President Robert Mugabe for causing deep-seated divisions in the party, the same accusations that Mnangagwa is now raising.