ED, Zanu PF lack people love, Chamisa is best for leader – Biti

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By Anna Chibamu

MDC vice president Tendai Biti Saturday bemoaned what he said was lack of love for ordinary citizens by the ruling Zanu PF elite which he blasted for alleged failure to use the country’s abundant natural resources to improve the poor majority’s lives.

The Harare East MP was speaking at a memorial service held in honour of late party MP Vimbai Tsvangirai-Java, daughter to founding MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai at the late former Prime Minister’s Harare home.

The ceremony was attended by relatives, friends of the late MP as well as some MDC supporters.

Biti castigated the Zanu PF led administration for alleged greed and forgetting the suffering masses.

“To the rest of us Zimbabweans, it is a very difficult period that we are surviving in. It is an excruciating period that we are living in. It is like the days of Pharaoh,” he said.

“The biggest thing that is missing in our country is not that we do not have resources. We are one of the richest countries in the world.

“We have world class resources in gold, platinum, in chrome and in diamonds. The biggest deficit that we have as a country is love. Rudo ndirwo rwatisina (love is what we lack).

“We are being run by people who have privatised our country, who have hijacked our country.”

Biti said the best leader the country could have at the moment was opposition leader Nelson Chamisa, who was also present at the ceremony.

He continued, “All we ask for is a leader that is not the leader of a political party, that is not the leader of Zanu PF nor MDC, a leader who is just the leader of Zimbabwe and a leader that just loves us and I believe that in Advocate Nelson Chamisa, we have that leader; a leader who puts people first before him or herself.

“Prophet Paul writing his letter to the Corinthians: he said one can speak in tongues, you can raise the dead from the grave but if you do not have love, you have nothing.”