EFF slam government for “Mugabe-esque” brutality

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The South African

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) have issued a response to the fuel protests seen across the border in Zimbabwe, condemning Emmerson Mnangagwa and his government for turning his military on citizens.

Demonstrations erupted all across the country, as ZANU-PF moved to cut the internet in certain areas in order to limit the flow of news coming out of the country. As more people took to the streets, the army were bought in to try and restore control – a move the red berets wholeheartedly disagree with.

They accuse the government of treating their own citizens like “enemies of the people”, before comparing their attempts to calm the situation to a move they’d expect to see from Robert Mugabe.

Army intervention in Zim

Dirco also issued a statement on Tuesday night, saying they believe the Zim government “will resolve this issue“. In November 2017, Mugabe was ousted from his role as president by the Zimbabwean army – a coup that was orchestrated in order to prevent his wife Grace from being illegally appointed his successor.

Mnangagwa, a long-serving military man himself and former deputy president, was chosen to replace Uncle Bob and found himself in the hot seat just two weeks after tanks first rolled into Harare.

Once seen as liberators of the country, the armed forces are now treated with utmost suspicion. During the Zimbabwe elections last July, hundreds of citizens took to the streets in protest at the result.

However, soldiers ended up turning their firearms on the demonstrators, killing at least six civilians in the process.