EFF Zim Accuses Chamisa Party Of Destabilising It

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By Bulawayo Correspondent

ECONOMIC Freedom Fighters (EFF) Zimbabwe has accused the newly formed Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) for sponsoring some individuals to cause chaos in the party.

EEF Zimbabwe’s accusations follows a communique released this week by one Everton Mutsauri advising the party’s supporters that the organization had changed its name from EFF Zimbabwe to Zimbabwe EFF.

“After consultations with our ground forces, the Central Command Team (CCT) resolved to rebrand from EFF Zimbabwe to Zimbabwe EFF. The use of Zimbabwe EFF and the new party logo will be presented in our next (CCT) meeting in Masvingo province. As such, all provincial leadership should communicate this position to all our people” reads part of Mutsauri’s communique seen by

The EFF Zimbabwe party has however distanced itself from the statement describing it as CCC’s “shenanigans” to destroy the party.

“There is a statement doing the rounds authored by an Everton Mutsauri. Mutsauri is not a member of the EFF Zimbabwe. EFF Zimbabwe is a political party that is under attack from triple C because we have refused to be part of the yellow fever. We have refused to be part of the yellow disease”

“It is very clear that CCC has decided to use certain individuals to issue statements as to discredit EFF Zimbabwe. I want to make it very clear that such a statement is null and void,” said the party’s president Innocent Ndibali in an interview with

The EFF president advised all the party’s supporters to ignore Mutsauri’s statement, saying the party has not made any changes to its name and logo.

“I Innocent Ndibali president of EFF Zimbabwe dismisses the statement with the contempt it deserves. I want to encourage all our supporters to ignore the statement   and alert all our structures as to the fact that Mutsauri is not a member of EFF Zimbabwe,” he said.

CCC Bulawayo spokesperson Swithern Chiroodza however challenged Ndibali to provide evidence that his party is interfering with his party’s structures.

“What evidence does Ndibali has to proof his allegations? As a new party we do not have time to fight with Zanu PF offshoots. Our focus is fighting the whole Zanu PF tree and win the up-coming by-elections and the 2023 general elections,” said Chiroodza.