Egyptian diplomat sued $1, 5 million for adultery

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By Mary Taruvinga

ONE Bilkis Banu Ismail has slapped a top Egyptian diplomat Ms Rania with a $1, 5 million lawsuit claiming she has used her position to destroy her marriage to Mahmoud Eid Ahmed Eid.

Ismail has approached the High Court with the summons after her husband of twelve years dumped her for the diplomat.

Her husband is now staying with Rania causing extreme tension in her family.

“The basis of the plaintiff’s (Ismail) claim is that the defendant is having an adulterous relationship with the plaintiff’s husband since 2018.

“The plaintiff has now lost the affection and companionship of her beloved husband as a result of the defendant’s (Rania) actions.

“The plaintiff because of the actions of the defendant is being deprived of her conjugal rights that used to be her preserve as the husband has actually moved in to stay with the defendant,” reads part of the summons.

Ismail also told court that she has suffered economic deprivation because of her husband’s divided attention since Rania is enjoying and benefitting from the couple’s sweat.

“The defendant is abusing her position as a senior diplomat to conduct the illicit liaison with plaintiff’s husband.

“The plaintiff believes that the marriage union is sacrosanct particularly in the Zimbabwean context as it is entrenched deeply in the country’s culture, tradition and religion,” wrote Mutatu, Mahuni legal practitioners representing Ismail.

Ismail also claimed that her standing in the community has been irreparably damaged because of Rania’s actions which have had the effect of humiliating and embarrassing her.

She claimed $1 million adultery damages and a further half a million dollars for loss of consortium and contumelia.

The diplomat is yet to respond.