Election Lobby Group Calls For Probe Into CCC Supporters Kwekwe Attack

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By Anna Chibamu

THE Election Resource Centre (ERC) has called on the police, the National Reconciliation and Peace Commission (NRPC), and the Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission (ZHRC) to investigate the violence meted out in Kwekwe to opposition supporters of the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) Sunday.

In a statement, the ERC said the investigation will lead to the truth on what transpired and avert a degeneration of such violence in the future.

The ERC also urged the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) to proactively act in terms of their constitutional functions to ensure free and fair elections as politically motivated attacks are on the increase countrywide.

It highlighted that the ongoing unresponsiveness of the Commission to address politically-motivated violence casts into doubt the fairness of the impending by-elections and will contribute to the already increasing citizen apathy ahead of the polls.

“The Election Resource Centre (ERC) notes with grave concern the politically motivated violence targeting Citizen Coalition for Change supporters in Kwekwe on Sunday, 27 February 2022.“Acts of political violence are unacceptable in Zimbabwe’s democracy, and ERC calls on all political parties, state institutions,” it said.

“Further ERC calls on the constitutional bodies responsible for justice to investigate and prosecute the instigators of violence. The ERC reminds political parties and their supporters that democracy is about multi parties and divergent views and to that end calls on all political parties to respect the democratic principles set out in the Constitution of Zimbabwe,” the ERC statement read.

Further, the electoral watchdog stated that while it applauds the Zimbabwe Republic Police for acting swiftly in arresting the accused persons, the ongoing unresponsiveness of institutions meant to promote peace and a free and fair electoral environment will lead to a lack of confidence in the functionality of those systems.

“At a time when electoral credibility is waning, there must be deliberate efforts to fix the damage done to the legitimacy of our democratic institutions. Trust in institutions is a critical part of systemic peace and credible elections.”

Police in a statement reported that 16 people with Zanu PF cards were arrested in Kwekwe after the skirmishes led to the death of a 35-year-old Mbonesi Ncube injuring many others, some critically.