Electrician Slaps Kazembe, Matanga With $360k Lawsuit Over Assault At Chamisa Rally

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By Mary Taruvinga

HOME AFFAIRS Minister Kazembe Kazembe and Commissioner-General of Police, Godwin Matanga have been slapped with a $360 000 lawsuit by a Harare electrician who was assaulted by the police during an MDC Alliance’s event held in Harare in November last year.

Macheso Manyungwa is still nursing injuries after he was assaulted and claims in his court application that he has lost business because of the incident which left him with lifetime injuries.

He is claiming a total of $368 695 jointly from Matanga and Kazembe in the summons now before the High Court.

From the amount, $100 000 is for pain and suffering, $50 000 contumelia damages, $128 830 for medical expenses, $88 200 for loss of earnings, and $6 665 for his possessions he lost during the assault.

Manyundwa told the court that he was assaulted on November 20 last year while attending Hope of the Nation Address (HONA) by MDC A leader Nelson Chamisa.

He said when Chamisa arrived, the police officers closed in on the crowd and went on to assault him with baton sticks on the head, chest, and hands while another police officer held his hands.

“As a direct consequence of the assault, the plaintiff sustained injuries on his hand as it got swollen from being hit by a baton stick. The plaintiff was never arrested nor did he resist or get charged with having committed any offence,” wrote his lawyers.

The lawyers also claim that during the assault, Manyundwa’s phone which is worth $6 665 was damaged.

“Plaintiff states that he is an electrician by profession and earns around US$700 a month. Due to the injuries, he sustained after being assaulted, by members of the ZRP he could not fulfill pre-existing contracts for the month of November and December.

“Plaintiff is in constant pain if he does prolonged work or during cold days. The plaintiff mostly gets migraines which he did not have prior to that fateful incident. He is now doing light jobs which give him far less than what he used to earn before the assault,” said the lawyers.

In the court application, Manyungwa says he is the breadwinner in his family which includes a wife and three children.

He complained the police officers were working on the instructions of Matanga and Kazembe and so the two senior officials were liable for what the police did.

The case is yet to be set down for hearing.