EMA concerned with discharge of raw effluent in Sebakwe River

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By Staff Reporter

THE Environmental Management Agency (EMA) has expressed worry over the discharge of raw effluent by mining companies into Sebakwe River, putting aquatic life at risk.

Head of EMA in Kwekwe District, Daniel Magombedze said unregulated mining activities have seen a worrying trend where some unscrupulous small scale and artisanal miners are discharging raw effluent in Sebakwe River.

Farmers from downstream of Sebakwe rely on the river for domestic use and for their livestock.

“We have the problem of water pollution in the district. If one is to look at Sebakwe River for instance, you will realise that there are serious water pollution challenges in the river. We have sewage and effluent discharges from mining operations polluting the water. This indeed is a serious cause for concern,” he said.

He added, compounding the challenge is the issue of land degradation caused by unregulated mining activities in Kwekwe.

“We are also battling the problem of land degradation. As you are aware, Kwekwe is a mining district and we are faced with a challenge of illegal as well as unsustainable mining activities,” he said.

Recently, in a serious health scare, the Munyati borehole was lacerated with poison.

“We have rogue elements within our midst. We are currently seized with a case where some poisonous substances were discharged in a borehole in Munyati. The culprit is unknown and investigations are currently underway,” he said.

Magombedze was speaking on the sidelines of the Development of National Environment Plan meeting held in Kwekwe recently.