Embarrassing! Mnangagwa deems local authorities mediocre; 69% perform unsatisfactorily

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By Darlington Gatsi

LOCAL councils headed by opposition parties performed below par in service delivery, a review carried by the Government has revealed.

Last year President Mnangagwa introduced performance contracts to cabinet ministers and heads of public institutions including local authorities in an effort to foster accountability and good governance.

In the one year period, 69 percent of local authorities did not meet the set targets the performance review.

Local authorities were also not recognised when best performing ministers were awarded, on the basis that they underwhelmed.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa in his keynote speech at the performance review at State house said local authorities’ performances were perturbing.

“The performance of Local Authorities as outlined in the assessment report remains worrisome and a huge draw-back in our march towards Vision 2030.

“While Devolution Funds have gone a long way to accelerate infrastructure development, the neglect and failure by the majority of Local Authorities to focus on their core mandate of service delivery is not acceptable.

“Equally, the performance of State Owned Enterprises is disappointing, more so given the centrality of these organisations in aiding development and delivering public goods and services,” said President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

Local authorities have an unceremonious relationship with the central government with the former accusing the latter of interfering in its running.

Municipalities have come under the microscope over their operations which have been characterised by poor service delivery especially in urban areas.

The local authorities mother ministry – Local Government headed by Minister July Moyo – was not among the two best performing ministries.

The Ministry of Agriculture under Anxious Masuka was awarded best ministry with Foreign Affairs Minister Fredrick Shava being the runner up.

“The foreign policy thrust of the Second Republic of Engagement and Re-engagement as well as our spirited quest “to be a friend to all and an enemy to none” are yielding positive results.

“These have positively impacted on our country’s Foreign Direct Investment, growth in total exports and improved Balance of Payment. Economic diplomacy must have internal domestic ripple effects that transform the standard of living of Zimbabweans,” said Mnangagwa further.