Empowerment group seeks Town Clerk’s arrest

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By Staff Reporter

THE Affirmative Action Group (AAG) Matabeleland Chapter has written to the Bulawayo City Council (BCC) demanding a probe against the city`s Town Clerk, Christopher Dube, who is accused of abusing his authority and office.

Dube was appointed Town Clerk in 2016 straight from his previous job as Victoria Falls Town clerk.

The allegations are contained in a letter which AAG wrote to the council`s General Purposes Committee calling for a probe on the Town Clerk`s misconduct.

The General Purposes Committee has oversight role on all council related business.

“The complaint of corruption and abuse of office is tied on his relationship with FBC Bank which he is allegedly receiving preferential treatment and favours in exchange of allocating stands to FBC Bank, his favourite bank that he worked with previously at Victoria Falls and allocating them land for housing development,” AAG Principal Officer, Denzil Sita.

“His relationship with FBC Bank needs to be investigated as he is getting loans from the same as payback”.

Sita further alleged that Nyoni fraudulently acquired a mining licence from the local authority.

“He abused his office by submitting an application for mining licence rights before council had approved his application. The mining licence application was accompanied by a premature support letter from the Mayor. It is now noted that the Mayor is engaged in mining activities at the mine in question,” Sita claimed.

“We also know for a fact that the Mayor has no authority or right to write a support letter for the Town Clerk, whether the Council has approved the mining claim or not”.

Contacted for further clarification, Sita said they had not received a response from the General Purposes Committee.

“If we do not receive a response for the committee we might end up going back to court because there are certain things that we cannot ignore and there is evidence that there is something wrong within the council,” he said.