Episodes: Budding author advocates for disability rights through art

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By Darlington Gatsi

DISABILITY advocate, Tichaona Nhizwa, is etching his own story in the world of literary arts.

Living with a disability himself, Nhizwa began writing his book ‘Episodes’ in 2008, but the product only found itself on bookshelves last year.

Drawing inspiration from his time working with an organisation that supports people with epilepsy, Nhizwa’s book offers a unique perspective on the challenges and triumphs faced by those living with disabilities.

“Some years back I became interested in knowing about epilepsy. When I joined the Epilepsy Foundation that is when I started to know about the condition. I had always been interested in writing a book.

“What I saw is that more people from poor backgrounds came to the foundation. Then I realised that there was a group that stigmatised itself, they understood but at the same time they were bound by cultural aspect,” said Nhizwa.

More than just a memoir, ‘Episodes’ aims to bridge the gap in understanding epilepsy.

‘Episodes’ is a captivating read that sheds light on the realities of disability.

Beyond the use of the pen, Nhizwa has been a strong advocate of people living with disability.

“I see the environment that I am in that helps me with inspiration and that drives me. I am also writing a poetry book which will be released soon,” he said.

With the publishing industry in dire straits, Nhizwa has been using social media to market his art.

The disability activist has a practical goal in mind for proceeds from his book sales, that is purchasing an electric wheelchair to enhance his mobility.

“In 2019, I had a serious accident, and I sustained an injury on my shoulders. An electric wheelchair will make it easier for my mobility,” he said.

“Challenges differ. Sometimes you find out that there are certain places you cannot access. People with disabilities are not easily accommodated. I had an electric wheelchair before, but it malfunctioned.

Nhizwa’s artistry exemplifies his unwavering spirit and determination to live life to the fullest, both for himself and for the disability community he advocates for.