Everton Mlalazi inspires hope with his music this Easter

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By The Citizen

As we approach the Easter season, many people reflect on their faith and seek messages of hope to uplift their spirit, and gospel artist Everton Mlalazi strongly believes his music will do just that.

With the release of his latest single and upcoming album, he aims to share his story of faith and inspire others.

Musical background

Everton Mlalazi, a renowned Christian singer from Zimbabwe, has gained popularity throughout Southern Africa with his music.

He established The Vine Music Ministry (a music group) in 2014, and served as its founder and director, guiding the group in producing two albums: Musandipfuure in 2018 and The Great Physician in 2022.

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After 6 years of singing with The Vine, he pursued his solo career and in November 2020, he released his debut album, In The Presence – with singles Uyingcwele and Ekhaya.

Inspiration behind music

Just like any other musical artist, Everton drew his inspiration from somewhere, when asked about this, he said: “As a child, I became passionate about music because I was raised in a devout Christian family where my parents ensured that we had daily morning and evening devotionals with God. My father, who had a deep love for singing, used to wake us up every morning with his singing, and that’s how my love for music developed”.

Latest single and upcoming album

Since most Christians are looking forward to celebrating the Easter holidays, Everton has a special treat in store for them.

“My latest album titled In The Presence Volume 2 with my single titled God’s Grace will be released on the Easter weekend on 8 April 2023. What people can expect is music that draws them closer to the presence of God.”

What sets his music apart from other artists

Many musicians strive to create unique music that sets them apart from their peers. Everton, too, has a distinct quality that distinguishes him from other gospel artists.

“With my music, I am a worshipper and I sing from my heart. Whenever I write a song, I always pray to God that it may be a song that is meant to encourage someone. So I get encouraged first because I must be the first person to live and believe in my music first before everyone else, so that when I say to you Nomakunje we will conquer, I talk about something that is in me and something that I mean.”

“My music is my journey and I want to take people through my journey with me,” added Mlalazi.

How his music will impact listeners during the Easter season

According to Everton, the Easter season is a time for believers to contemplate the sacrifice made by Jesus Christ on the cross.

“This period reminds me of how the Grace of God has saved us. So, this is the time of showing gratitude and appreciation to God by thanking Him for who He is and what He has done in our lives.

“My music is music of hope and is critical for anybody who seeks to worship through the whole season of Easter,” concluded the artist.