Ex-Cop Sues Kwekwe Police Boss $1 Million Over Lockdown

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By Staff Reporter

A FORMER police officer and Kwekwe resident is suing Police Officer Commanding Kwekwe District, Chief Superintendent Denford Maingire for $1 million for alleged usurping powers of lawmakers through the imposition of tough Covid-19 restrictions at the expense of people’s rights to earn livelihoods.

Tafadzwa Gambiza says he served the Kwekwe police boss with a letter of demand through the Kwekwe Magistrates’ Court Civil Division Wednesday.

Maingire on Tuesday imposed tougher lockdown measures on Kwekwe residents arguing “residents were failing to comply with Covid-19 regulations”.

Police proceeded to close down non-essential services and further blocked traffic access into the CBD.

Gambiza said the action by the police boss was unlawful.

“As an accredited, health and environmental representative, I hereby, demand the empowering provision which the defendant is using in restructuring because this is a breach of Section 24 (2) (b) of our constitution which provides that the state and all institutions or agencies of government at every level must endeavour to secure the removal of restrictions that unnecessarily inhibit or prevent people from working or otherwise engaging in economic activities,” Gambiza said in his court application.

Following the discovery of an Indian variant in the Midlands city, Kwekwe was placed on an indefinite lockdown period by authorities.

Maingire’s actions, according to Gambiza, were causing “pain, suffering, stress and humiliation”.

Gambiza said he was left with no other option but to sue.

Maingire, Gambiza said, “Should pay the sum of RTGS$1 million for negligent performance of statutory duty, usurping duty of legislators”.

He argued the legislature makes the law, with the executive and judiciary implementing the same law, hence it was not the duty of the Covid-19 district taskforce team to do so.