Ex-cop Up For US$20k Extortion

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By Mary Taruvinga

FORMER Zimbabwe Republic Police officer in charge for Juru police station, Godfrey Jaji (50) was on Tuesday taken to court on allegations of extorting prominent clergyman Tapiwa Freddy of US$20 000.

Jaji appeared before magistrate Yeukai Dzuda who remanded him in custody to Wednesday for bail application.

Allegations were that sometime in 2020 Freddy, affectionately known as T Freddy, was involved in a love affair with the Rutendo Makuti, a ZBC Radio presenter already on remand.

Court papers show that during their relationship Makuti allegedly started threatening Freddy that if he did not meet her financial and material demands she would expose the affair.

It is alleged that sometime in August 2021 Freddy was summoned by Chief Chikwaka (Witness Bungu) but upon his arrival at the Chief’s homestead he was tipped that there were some police officers who wanted to extort him.

Freddy allegedly made a U-turn and decided to return without entering the Chief’s homestead and he drove his car towards Mutoko road intending to return to Harare.

It is alleged Jaji in the company of the chief Chikwaka yet to be apprehended, proceeded along Nyamapanda-Mutoko-Harare and laid out a security roadblock to stop Freddy from returning back to Harare and apprehended him at the roadblock and escorted him back to the chief’s homestead for the unlawful hearing.

Freddy refused to comply with the order but Jaji posing as Assistant Inspector Jaji forcefully entered into his vehicle and ordered him to drive to the Chief’s homestead.

It is alleged upon arrival at the Chief’s homestead Freddy whilst being escorted by Jaji found out that outside the yard there were some police officers in uniform.

The Chief Chikwaka allegedly started by accusing Freddy of raping Makuti and sleeping with her in breach of traditional rules since it happened soon after her husband’s death

Chief Chikwaka allegedly told Freddy that he was supposed to pay something as a sacrifice.

The cleric sensed that whatever was happening was illegal but due to the illegitimate pressure he made a promise to pay US$15 000 and in addition the Chief ordered him to pay three goats and he promised to return on a later date with the money and the goats.

Chief Chikwaka then made Freddy to sign an agreement which was authored by Jaji who gave complainant a warning that if he did not comply with what they had agreed then he would come to Harare and pick him up at his Church during his Church Services.