Ex-Gutu RDC Top Official In Property Fraud Storm

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By Mary Taruvinga

FORMER Gutu Rural District Council (RDC) administrator has been dragged to the High Court accused of illegally transferring her late husband’s property into her name in a bid to dupe another remaining wife.

The matter came out in a case filed against Makepeace Muzenda who is being sued by Freddy Chimbari, the executor of the late Kudakwashe Mutongi’s estate.

Mutongi, who died in 2000, had two wives.

Muzenda is being sued together with the RDC chief executive who she allegedly connived with, and altered documents and giving her rights to the disputed property.

According to court papers, the documents for the property were obtained fraudulently to convince the executor not to include it on the list for equitable distribution with the other widow and Mutongi’s children.

The property was listed in Mutongi’s name in the inventory with the Master of High Court, according to the executor.

As a result, the executor wants the purported lease agreement obtained by Muzenda from Gutu RDC, cancelled as it was obtained illegally.

“The distribution account has not been drawn and neither was the estate wound up. Further, Muzenda and Gutu Rural District Office chief executive have not sought the consent of the Master of the High Court to transfer the property,” the court papers read.

“The property has since been transferred into Muzenda’s name and as it stands she is the registered owner of the estate property. The lease agreements between Muzenda and the Gutu Rural District should be cancelled for they were fraudulently obtained.”

However, Muzenda maintains the property in question is hers and not the late Mutongi, and should not be part of the late’s estate.

The matter is yet to be heard.