Ex-health minister slams govt for ‘cracking skulls’ during doctors’ strike

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By Staff Reporter

FORMER Health Minister, Henry Madzorera has hit out at the Emmerson Mnangagwa led government for allegedly going on a “deliberate skull cracking and bone breaking” programme fully knowing there were no doctors in Zimbabwean hospitals to treat the victims.

The Kwekwe based top MDC official was speaking to in the wake of a fierce crackdown on the main opposition’s supporters by anti-riot police last Wednesday.

He said it was shameless and foolhardy that government believed it could run the country’s health delivery system without doctors manning its public hospitals.

This comes after government has taken the drastic decision to fire over 400 doctors for refusing to end their crippling job action over poor wages.

“To add salt to injury, the state is on a deliberate programme to crack skulls and break bones when they know all too well that public health facilities are closed and the injured can’t get medical care,” he said.

A police officer charges at a protester

Police last week swooped on hundreds of MDC supporters who had gathered outside the party’s main headquarters in central Harare to listen to their leader, Nelson Chamisa’s Hope of the Nation Address (Hona).

Many were left nursing injuries as a result of the attacks.

Madzorera, who was minister during the short-lived 2009-13 coalition administration, slammed government for allowing the country’s health delivery system to waste away with public hospital doctors now well into their third month on strike.

The country’s crucial medical staff insists the wages it was being paid by its employer were not enough and is demanding US dollar wages or the Zimbabwean dollar equivalent pegged in the prevailing interbank exchange rates.

Government insists it has no financial resources to meet the demands.

Henry Madzorera

“The Mnangagwa government is failing to understand a simple matter,” said the former Kwekwe legislator and MDC secretary for health.

“You cannot run a healthcare delivery system without one of its critical components, the doctors.

“The whole system works as a unit, and the absence of any single layer will incapacitate the whole system.”

Madzorera, a practising medical doctor, said the Zanu PF led administration has chosen to be deaf and blind to the plight of suffering locals who depended on public health services.

He added, “While this regime knows the true extent of suffering and unnecessary deaths occurring because Zimbabweans can’t access the most basic care, they just don’t care.”

The former cabinet minister said government was committing a silent genocide on its citizens.

“…They do know that they are committing a massive silent genocide, but they don’t care.

“The genocide is silent because at his stage, we are not able to quantify the exact number of people dying in their homes for lack of care.”