Ex-military boss, Zvinavashe’s widow sued for being stingy

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By Mary Taruvinga

MARGARET Zvinavashe, widow to late national hero and defence forces commander General Vitalis Zvinavashe has been hauled before court for refusing to share profits with her contract farming partner, one Marshal Masvikepi.

Masvikepi has filed an urgent chamber application seeking the court’s intervention saying he risked losing what he worked for if Zvinavashe was not stopped.

Also cited as applicant is Oil Seed Company and the expected profit is US$53 000.

According to the court application, the applicants and Zvinavashe entered into a contract farming agreement in which Oil Seed Company financed Zvinavashe with all the required soya blend for 200 hectares.

In return, Zvinavashe was supposed to share equally, the returns on the soya beans produce under joint supervision and monitoring of the harvesting and marketing of same by the parties.

“Since the commencement of the harvesting and marketing of the soya bean produce, respondent only delivered 47,42 tonnes of soya beans produce to first applicant with an equivalent value of only US$14 100 and thereby leaving an outstanding balance of 117,58 tonnes with equivalent value of US$53 274,” read the summons.

According to court papers, on June 10 2019, Zvinavashe “surprisingly and shockingly barred designated employees and officials of the first applicant from participating in the joint harvesting and marketing of the soya bean produce by denying them entry at her farm through the use of her private security guards”.

“First applicant has tried by every means necessary to engage respondent so that she could allow her employees and officials access to her farm in line with the spirit of the contract entered into by the parties but to no avail.

“Clearly respondent’s conduct smacks of every intention to financially prejudice first applicant on its share of the soya beans produce and hence the first applicant has been left with no option but to approach this honourable court on an urgent basis,” read the application.

Zvinavashe is yet to respond.