Ex-minister blasts govt for pauperising doctors

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By Staff Reporter

FORMER Health Minister Henry Madzorera has slammed the Zanu PF led government for allegedly allowing doctors to become destitute and now living on handouts from some top officials.

This comes after Deputy Defence Minister Victor Matemadanda was earlier this week seen donating food hampers to doctors and nurses at Gokwe Central Hospital.

Matemadanda, who is Zanu PF MP for the area, bragged about his accomplishment, further telling his parliamentary colleagues to redirect their resources towards worthy causes as opposed to prostitution.

“I took a humble gesture of donating food hampers to nurses and doctors in my constituency at Gokwe Central Hospital,” Matemadanda said on Twitter.

“This is what other MPs should emulate instead of spending too much time on politics and chihure (prostitution). The electorate who voted you into power need support.”

But Madzorera, an MDC top official who was the country’s health minister during the shortlived unity government of 2009-13, saw everything wrong with the gesture.

The ex-government official said it signalled a bad state of affairs when doctors are reduced to the level of beggars by politicians.

He told that these were signs of a country whose systems had collapsed to a point where well respected civil servants like doctors now survived on the benevolence of politicians.

“A country where senior politicians spend time donating things to doctors and nurses is a dead country. Those leaders must be ashamed of themselves when they make welfare cases out of doctors and nurses.

“It means a government has failed and they should tender their resignation forthwith,” he said.

The former Kwekwe legislator and medical doctor said when doctors and nurses become charity cases in a country, this meant the rest of the population was now worse off.

“We can’t have a country where doctors and nurses receive charity. What about the unemployed, the vulnerable, the sick?

“What will happen to them if we divert aid to doctors and nurses who are gainfully employed people?

“This shows that the government has failed to govern the country and they should make way for people who can run the country properly, who can make sure that doctors and nurses are properly remunerated and rewarded,” he said.

Madzorera said doctors and nurses should instead be the ones assisting other citizens.

Zimbabwean doctors have failed to make ends meet in a country whose economy is on a free-fall.

Doctors and nurses have been engaging in repeated strike actions which have often yielded nothing but dismissal threats on those who have persisted with the action.