Ex-minister Muguti, wife finally agree to part ways

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By Mary Taruvinga

FORMER Health deputy minister Edwin Muguti (pictured below), who was going through divorce proceedings with his wife, Tapiwa Muguti (nee Mukandi), will finally go separate ways after the two agreed that their marriage of 23 years could not be restored.

Muguti was challenging the divorce claim by his wife arguing that he wanted to keep the marriage but the two have since signed divorce consent papers which will see them parting ways.

His wife told court that they have since settled their dispute regarding separation and properties.

“The defendant (Muguti), however, has since informed me that he does not wish to contest the divorce action anymore and that is why he has filed his notice of withdrawal of appearance to defend the plea.

“The defendant has signed the consent …I confirm the signatures thereon as those of the defendant. I have signed the consent paper …I confirm that the signature thereon is mine,” Mukandi told the court.

Muguti confirmed he was withdrawing his plea.

“I submit that the property is no longer subject to any dispute or auctioning and have confirmed with the Sheriff of High Court and that is the reason why the defendant withdrew his plea in that regard,” Muguti said.

In the divorce claim, Mukandi had demanded to be awarded 100 percent share of the couple’s Vainona property and another stand in Manresa, measuring 4 000 square meters, among other properties.

But the ex-minister had opposed the demands saying what his wife wanted in shares was not due to her.

He however admitted that their marriage has irretrievably broken down but blamed his wife for denying him conjugal rights.

The ex-minister said Mukandi denied the defendant conjugal rights and conducted herself in a manner that made him feel unsafe in his matrimonial home, thereby prompting him to move out.

Muguti said he acquired Vainona stand on his own using proceeds from his previous divorce settlement.

He said the same stand was auctioned to satisfy a judgement debt but in the court papers, the two have indicated that all the disputes have been settled.

The divorce proceedings are now expected to be finalised this Wednesday at the High Court.

Mukandi filed for divorce on grounds that she had lost love and affection for her husband.

She told court that they had not lived as husband and wife since 2014.