Ex-police officer strikes mother to death with a hoe

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By Tinei Tuhwe

A former police officer, Sungano Makubika from Chihota Village under the Marondera district, has left the community in shock after he fatally struck his mother with a hoe.

Sources who spoke to during a recent visit to Chihota said the dispute arose over the delayed issuing of his niece’s birth certificate. He was also questioning his mother’s alleged bribe to a law enforcement agent in order to secure his freedom following his arrest on a murder charge.

The village headman, Sabhuku Gotora, described the gruesome murder as “strange”.

“It’s a strange and fearful thing that happened in my village.

“He killed his mother using a hoe and the reason behind the murder remains unknown, but some say the child was mentally disturbed

“I encourage people not to use violence as a way of settling disputes “said Sabhuku Gotora.

Speaking to, a neighbor recounted the events leading up to the murder.

“I was passing by the road when I heard Makubika shouting at his mother.

“His mother ignored him and walked away, but he ran after her, kicked her, and she fell.

“He then kicked her several times on the head before taking a hoe and struck her multiple times.”

The neighbor said she was too afraid to intervene, as Makubika threatened to kill anyone who tried to enter his yard.

“People were afraid to go and help, but eventually, they managed to tie him up with a rope and waited outside until the police came.

“But it was too late since Mai Maud was already dead,” she said.

Makubika dragged his mother’s body away saying he did not want “rubbish” in his yard.

He then took his niece and locked himself inside the house.

The police have since taken Makubika into custody, and investigations are ongoing.