Ex-Q takes ‘Nzenza’ to Australia – backed by Sanii Makhalima and Natty O

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By UK Bureau

AFRO-POP star EX-Q begins his ‘Let’s Talk About It’ tour of Australia this Friday backed by crooner Sanii Makhalima and dancehall chanter Natty O.

According to organisers, the trio will first rock Rubix Warehouse in Melbourne before moving to Shisanyama Lounge in Perth on Saturday and then Lost Bar and Nigh Club in Brisbane on Sunday.

In a pre-show interview, Natty O, who is touring Australia for the first time, said “it’s a great feeling to be in a different country and one should embrace it”.

Regarding his involvement with Jah Prayzah and ExQ’s Military Touch label, the youthful chanter said; “to be in there is a great feeling.

“I’m the youngest around. Jah Prayzah is my big brother and Ex-Q is my papa.

“The opportunity to mingle with Jah Prayzah is a great and I get to learn a lot, I like what I’m getting and the direction my music is taking.

“I’m in good hands, I’m in the winning circle.”

He defended singing in Jamaican Patois saying; “I’m not a Zimdancehall artist, I’m a proper dancehall artist.

“Actually, to call me ZimDancehall is limiting me; I’m versatile, I do a lot of genres including Afrobeats.”

As for what fans in Australia can expect, Natty O, declared; “I’m going to give it my best.

“No one goes out to perform at a mediocre level – so people should expect my best.”

Nzenza and Tsvigiri hit-mater ExQ

Meanwhile, Makhalima, who had taken some time out from the industry, is also in Australia for the first time.

“My first time this side and everything has been smooth sailing on this trip; it was flowless,” said the singer, songwriter and producer.

“It’s been hard over the past few years; I took a back seat over the past few years.

“My motivation is my children; I try to be a good father to my kids. That is why I was now doing just 2-3 songs because I was focussing on my children.”