Ex-wife sues Macheso for $300,000

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SUNGURA music superstar, Alick Macheso’s former wife Fortunate ‘Tafadzwa’ Mapako has filed a $300,000 defamation civil suit as payment for malicious damage by the singer’s claims that he had not sired their two minor children.
After an acrimonious fall-out with his second wife of four years, Macheso claimed he doubted he had fathered their two children and demanded a paternity test.
In turn Mapako demanded over $7,000 in maintenance and a court battle ended with a $1030 ruling that Macheso will now have to fork out monthly to his ex-wife.
The DNA tests proved beyond doubt that Macheso was the children’s biological father but the Sungura King questioned the authenticity of the results.
He went on to claim that, his former wife was a director at the National Blood Transfusion Services Zimbabwe (NBTSZ) hence might have influenced the results.
But in a letter through her lawyers Hamunakwadi, Nyandoro and Nyambuya legal practitioners, Mapako gave her former partner a 48 hour ultimatum to pay or face legal action.
Gift Nyandoro, Mapako’s lawyer, wrote to Macheso’s legal counsel Norman Mugiya, the demanding that they pay the damages claim.
“Without doubt, the conduct of Macheso shows a deliberate ploy to damage our client’s dignity and reputation. The malicious attacks on her person have caused her much pain and suffering and humiliation in the public eye,” Nyandoro wrote.
“We further note your client’s continued desire to embarrass our client by requesting for more DNA paternity tests as if our client is a court of competent jurisdiction.
“Given the foregoing, our client (Mapako) is left with no option but to make a claim of $300,000 against your client (Macheso) for defamation.”
Nyandoro said Macheso had, through his ranting, caused immeasurable pain and suffering to Mapako, adding “… his conduct has seriously undermined the dignity and the future of the two minor children.”
The maintenance order that Mapako won has since been varied and Macheso is now paying $750 in respect of the children.
The sum, initially set at about $1,000 was reduced after a magistrate ruled that since the couple’s customary marriage had been annulled, she did not deserve to be maintained.Advertisement