Ex-Zanu PF Kwekwe MP vows to defy Gaika Mine court ban

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By Staff Reporter

FORMER Zanu PF MP for Mbizo Vongainaishe Mupereri has vowed to defy a High Court order to vacate Gaika Mine in Kwekwe where he is leading some mining activities by party aligned youths.

Addressing Zanu PF youths earlier this month in the Midlands city, the ex-legislator said he “was not backing down on a youth empowerment drive through Gaika Mine.”

Despite a High Court ban to suspend operations at the mining site, Mupereri insisted that light explorative machinery was going to be installed at the site.

Mupereri, who lost his seat to MDC Alliance’s Settlement Chikwinya, further vowed to continue fronting the aspirations of the parliamentary constituency, even though he was nolonger MP.

“I understand that you are troubled on why the one you voted to be in parliament is not in the National Assembly.

“We know the numbers of people who voted for us. Our true party cadres voted for us. However, we know that we lost this seat after University students were bussed into the constituency to vote. Those who made the opposition win are not from Mbizo,” he declared.

Mupereri pledged to continue representing the people.

“We are not going back on our programmes of assisting and uplifting our people in this constituency. If you have problems, don’t hesitate to bring them to my attention.

“I am continuing to do what I used to do in the past and that is representing the governing party Zanu PF and the people,” he said.

Turning to Gaika Mine, Mupereri declared there was no turning back in his youth empowerment drive.

“We are going to continue occupying Gaika Mine and empower our youths in the area of employment. Exploration activities are going to continue at Gaika Mine. Our people have been prospecting at the mine and bringing food on the table and that is going to continue.

“For improved efficiency, we are going to be moving machinery to the site. We are not going back on empowering our people,” Mupereri said.

The former law maker last approached the Supreme Court challenging the decision of the High Court directing the Ministry of Mines and Mining Development to stop granting anyone mining rights at the gold mine.

Mupereri was accused by Carel Hendrik Meyer, the manager of the mine, of violently attempting to take over the property from its owners and violating property rights by allegedly inciting a group of people to unlawfully enter the property.

In his founding affidavit, he indicated that Duration Gold had dumped operations at the mine, a situation which forced youths, through the Community Ownership Trust, to approach management at the mine to work together in employment creation.

Wrote Mupereri then to the management: “As a community leader, I approached all the relevant authorities to have the mine reopened and create employment for our people. I am only representing people in this area so that they can be employed. Youths have since indicated that they are willing to work with the company owners. We cannot have a situation where a company closes under unclear circumstances.

“Your company started operations in 1983. You operated on open mine. Before this, Gaika was operated underground, many household were displaced, pacing way for establishment of the entity with the pretext that it will create massive employment for the local. However, it only operated until 1998 and close without any convincing reason. All the machinery was removed from the mining site.”