Family Sues Top Bus Company US$407k For Breadwinner’s Death

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By Mary Taruvinga

A prominent bus company, CAG Tours (Private) LTD has been sued US$407 000 by one Wona Macingwane who lost her husband due to a road accident caused by a company driver.

Courts found the driver, Tinashe Mamwena Marombo at fault, convicted him for culpable homicide and sentenced him to two years imprisonment.

However, the High Court has been told that CAG ignored the widow’s several requests for financial support prompting her to seek legal intervention.

The case is yet to be heard.

In the summons, Macingwane cited Marombo and CAG as respondents.

Her daughter, who was left fatherless, is the second plaintiff while her father-in-law, Webster Chidzanira was cited as third applicant.

According to Macingwane, her father-in-law solely depended on her late husband Tadiwanashe Chidzanira.

Chidzanira died on October 8, 2020 when his Toyota Hilux was crushed by a CAG bus which was being driven by Marombo.

The accident occurred at the intersection of Sam Nujoma and Josiah Chinamano Avenue in Harare.

Marombo failed to give way at a stop sign.

Macingwane is claiming US$92 200 for loss of her husband who was also the breadwinner of Chidzanira family.

Broken down, US$50, 000 is compensation for loss of a husband, loss of love and emotional support.

Macingwane further claimed US$41,200 being compensation for loss of support.

“The premature termination of her husband’s life has necessitated a claim for basic necessities such as food, transport and shelter until she remarries,” read the summons filed with the High Court.

“She endured trauma, pain and suffering for the loss of life of her husband through Marombo’s negligence.

“She was not working as she was to complete her degree and solely relied on the deceased to take care of her and pay her tuition.

“She also requires monthly upkeep of US$500 to maintain herself to the standard that her spouse would have had this tragic accident happened.”

Macingwane wants US$218 000 for her daughter and the money is for emotional pain for loss of a father and guardian and loss of support until she becomes self-supporting.

The deceased’s father wants US$87 000 for losing his son he claims was responsible for his upkeep and medication.

The other money is for funeral expenses and compensation for the damaged vehicle and Chidzanira’s cell phones which were also crushed during the accident.

According to court papers, Chidzanira was employed at Trade Kings Zimbabwe (Private) Limited as a quality controller.

The company is an international organisation.

“He was actually training to take charge of the production of fast-moving domestic products within Southern Africa. He had obtained a work permit in that regard,” said Macingwane.

She said CAG has refused to compensate her despite demand, which has prompted her to seek court’s intervention.