Farm dweller killed for desecrating Nyau tradition

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By Mary Taruvinga

A Bindura man who resides at Mt View compound, is on trial for the brutal murder of a farm dweller and suspected Nyau (chigure) dancer on allegations of unmasking his face while entertaining people on Christmas Day back in 2013.

Tichaona Jacob is answering to murder charges before a High Court Judge after he allegedly murdered Orphan Canaan on December 25, 2013.

Jacob is a Nyau dancer (chigure) and according to the State, he was entertaining people at Mt View compound with other Nyau dancers.

The Court heard that while dancing, one of the Nyau dancers unmasked himself.

This angered Jacob who reportedly mistook the now deceased for the one who unmasked themselves which he interpreted to mean desecrating their culture.

Allegations against Jacob arose two months later on February 24, in 2014.

“On February 24, 2014, the deceased was coming from a beer drink in company of Tawanda Kavhumbura when the accused suddenly came running to him wielding an iron rod, while in company of Gift Chapupuka who is on the run,” said prosecutors.

It is alleged that the two struck the now deceased who died on spot.

They then threatened to kill Kavhumbura if he ever disclosed the offence to anyone.

It is alleged that the murderers went on to force Kavhumbura to carry Canaan’s body which was dumped along the Harare-Bindura road in a bid to stage manage a hit and run accident.

Kuvhumbura did not tell anyone about the incident but started having nightmares.

The court heard he would see Canaan in his dreams, instructing him to disclose what had happened to him which prompted him to open up and report the case to the police.