Farmer sues GMB over $1 million debt

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By Mary Taruvinga

A MVURWI farmer has dragged the Grain Marketing Board (GMB) to court after the government grain stocker failed to pay him for his 54, 325 metric tonnes of wheat he delivered.

Japhet Gatsi also purchased 60 tonnes of fertiliser but is yet to receive the supply.

Now he wants a refund for the fertiliser plus payment for the wheat he delivered on an unmentioned date.

The farmer filed summons against GMB on Monday claiming what was due to him.

“Defendant promised to pay but later indicated that it did not have funds to do so. It however guaranteed that once it received funds from the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe, it would pay.

“The producer price which the defendant must pay per tonne is $8 612. Accordingly, the sum due to plaintiff was $467 162 leaving a balance of $440 688 which plaintiff claims herein,” reads the summons.

Gatsi said on October 5 this year, GMB made a payment of $31 800 but what was due to him is a refund at the current price of fertilisers.

“As at that date, what was due to him was $630 000. After deducting what the defendant paid, a balance of $598 200 remains outstanding and same is what plaintiff is claiming,” the summons read.

The farmer said GMB should pay him $440 688 for wheat delivered and $598 200 being the refund for the fertiliser due to him plus cost of suit at attorney client scale.

The total of what he is owed is $1 038 888.

The case is pending.