Fear is our biggest enemy

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By Tendai Mazenge

The main problem affecting our nation is our silence when everything around us has gone wrong.

The political situation in our country is not right. People who dare speak about the evils of our government are abducted, tortured and thrown into prison.

We need to stand up against these injustices. I believe we have contributed a lot as a people for us to reach this state of affairs. You are so pre-occupied with yourselves, your immediate families and your own selfish pursuits.

You have lost the sight of the big picture. You have forgotten the poor, the helpless, the abused, and the victimised. You are terrified of standing out from the crowd. You are afraid and you have lost your self-respect and your dignity.

Zanu- PF, we used to respect you but you have changed. You no longer care about the people but money and selfish gains.

We are now expandable. You set out your thugs upon us, to beat us, torture us, and kill us if it pleases you. What type of leaders order the elimination of their own people.

Remember the evil that men do lives after them. War veterans, what are you doing to save the nation from your fellow comrades who have hijacked the revolution for selfish gain.

Why are you fighting your own people to keep another evil system in power on the pretext that you liberated us from the white regime. How does intimidating, torturing and killing white and black opposition supporters liberate us.

We must not put up with corruption. It is not enough to laugh and shake our heads in disgust without confronting the evil doers in our government. You all stand accused of being behind abductions.

What about me. My friends and relatives tell me that I have a big mouth and they ask if I am afraid. Some people think I am arrogant. Others feel that I take unnecessary risks. I cannot keep my mouth shut in times of injustice. I am an intelligent and confident person but I am a human being first and black second.

I indeed fear for my life but I will not refrain from speaking out. I urge my fellow Zimbabweans to do the same. I cannot imagine my children growing up without me to guide them. Yet at the same time I have to speak out for the sake of my children and all the other children of my country.

If I don’t speak out, what sort of place will they inherit. How will their future be like. When I pray I am asking God to help me fight against the great evil that my government embodies.

I am praying for the protection of all who challenge the ruling elite to do what is right for the benefit of the people.

I have accused Zimbabweans of apathy, of self-interest and lack of concern for one’s country. Now I challenge you to change. Be pro-active, work within your sphere of influence and let’s teach our children and friends to stand up for what is right.

Fight racism, tribalism and corruption. Let’s make Zimbabwe great again by exposing the rot in our government without fear or favour. It’s sad that Hopewell Chin’ono and Jacob Ngarivhume are languishing in prison for standing up and fighting corruption against all odds.

Many people often say with pride, “I AM NOT INTERESTED IN POLITICS”. They might as well say , “I AM NOT INTERESTED IN MY STANDARD OF LIVING, MY HEALTH, MY JOB, MY RIGHTS, MY FREEDOM, MY FUTURE OR ANY FUTURE “. If we mean to keep any control over the world, we MUST be interested in POLITICS