‘Fence-Sitting’ Chamisa’s MPs, Councillors Face Recalls

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By Bulawayo Correspondent

‘FENCE-SITTING’ MDC Alliance MPs and councillors will soon be exposed after the main opposition party resolved to launch a reaffirmation exercise for all its current elected officials in Parliament and local councils.

Following the recalling of scores of MDC Alliance councillors and MPs since April last year by the Douglas Mwonzora led MDC-T, a number of the remaining councillors and MPs have not openly shown their allegiance to the party leader, Nelson Chamisa, in fear of losing their posts, and the perks and allowances that come along.

Some of the comprised councillors and MPs have been attending meetings of both the MDC-T and the MDC Alliance while assessing where the political wind is blowing.

However, MDC Alliance sources told Tuesday the party had decided to audit the membership status of all its deployees after realising some were no longer representing the interests of the party.

“From now onwards, every party deployee will be asked to sign a letter confirming his or her membership status. Any elected official who refuses to sign the letter will be deemed to have expelled him or herself from the party,” a senior MDC Alliance source, said.

He added the party’s secretary-general, Chalton Hwende was expected to dispatch the reaffirmation letters soon.

After signing the confirmation letters, the deployees will be required to attend ward and constituency meetings where they will address party supporters, and reaffirm their support to the MDC Alliance and Chamisa.

“Every elected official will be asked to publicly reaffirm his or her support to president Chamisa and the party. During the process, a video will be recorded, and this is the only way we can flush out pretenders and sell-outs in our midst,” the source said.

“The problem is that all the councillors and MPs know Mwonzora’s party is living on borrowed time, but they are afraid of losing their posts. On the other hand, they are also aware that come next elections, any candidate supporting the MDC Alliance, and president Chamisa will be voted into office. So, public office holders are currently in catch 22.”

The party’s deputy spokesperson Ostallos Siziba confirmed the impending exercise, although he declined to divulge further details.

“Yes, we instituted an affirmation exercise to determine the allegiance of each cadre deployed to a public office,” he said in his brief response.