Fichani twin: I have slept with more than 1000 women

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By Robert Tapfumaneyi

ONE of two Fichani twins, who in 2006 caused a stir in Harare after walking the streets of the capital dressed in goatskins only covering their privates claims he has slept with a 1000 women.

Tafadzwa Fichani who now lives in the Midlands’s Gokwe Nembudziya area told New that he is HIV positive and cares less to the extent he will not use protection.

“Why should I use a condom now when I know that I am infected with HIV, to protect me from what?” Tafadzwa asked rhetorically.

Tafadzwa is an artisanal miner, plying his trade in the Zenda remote mining area and is proud of his exploits with women.

“I have slept with more than 1000 women. What I can tell you is that women do not care about your appearance, all they want is money,” Tafadzwa told adding he is a victim of his wealth.

“All my proceeds from the mining, I spent on  spoiling women and that’s what women want. Money here it’s not a problem.”

The National Aids Council reports that the Gokwe Nembudziya area alone has an HIV prevalence rate of between 8-10% and artisanal mining is a major contributor.

According to Tafadzwa the women who follow artisanal miners care very little about the dangers associated with sleeping around.

“Women want money, money and more money, it doesn’t matter how you look like, either dirty or smart. As for me I do not hesitate to spoil them hence they fell for me.

“Look around and see if there is any artisanal miner who is smart here, yet women are following all of us around, it’s because of money,” he said.

With a straight face, Tafadzwa told this publication that he has stopped using protection during sex.

“There is nothing to fear anymore.  Its dog eat dog. That’s the life of artisanal miners and it’s an open secret that most of them are dying because of HIV and Aids.

“I have since stopped using condoms and I am now targeting women who are also on ART (anti-retroviral therapy),” said Tafadzwa.

The Fichani twin said despite all this, he considers himself a “married man.”

“I am married and we have three kids. One of them is named Zimbabwe. I have six children in all.

“The other three children are from three different women who have since left me. So for now I am living with one after the other two left because they couldn’t stand my unfaithfulness,” Tafadzwa said without contrition.

In 2006 Tafadzwa and his twin brother Tapiwa attracted public attentions after leaving their fathers home to literally live in the streets dressed in skins.