FIFA fines Magaya’s Yadah Stars US$82k for breaching players’ contracts

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By Sport Reporter

FIFA has ordered Walter Magaya’s Yadah Stars to pay US$82 000 to the club’s former Brazilian players Joao Pedro, Juan Luciano Farias and Pereira De Brito.

This comes after the trio reported Yadah to the Footballers Union of Zimbabwe for breaching their contracts.

FUZ then presented the case on behalf of the players to FIFA Dispute Resolution Chamber who then ruled the matter in favor of the three players.

Yadah Stars signed the three Brazilian players in July last year agreeing to a two-year contract with them. The Miracle Boys, however, terminated the trio’s contracts early this year in a manner which was seen as unjust by FIFA.

In clarifying the matter, the Footballers Union of Zimbabwe on Monday released a statement narrating the procedure undertaken.

FUZ Statement On The Three Brazilians’ Case Against Yadah

Facts Of The Matter

  1. The Club failed to pay players salaries.
  2. The club breached the contract during the protected period.
  3. The club expelled the players from the team and hence prohibited them from working.
  4. The players could not find a new job since the termination took place outside of the registration window.
  5. As The Law

FIFA’s competence

A contract may be terminated by either party without consequences of any kind (either payment of compensation or imposition of sporting sanctions) where there is just cause. Since the players are from Brazil and the Club is in Zimbabwe, the current employment-related dispute has an international dimension. As such, the FfIFA RSTP are applicable to the dispute between the Players and Club and the FIFA DRC is competent.


The decision was passed in favour of the players. The club was ordered to pay an amount of $82 000 inclusive of applicable interest per particular date as interest is accumulating every day until full payment is made.