Fight back, Crisis Coalition urges struggling Zimbabweans, in Workers’ day message

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By Leopold Munhende, Chief Correspondent

CRISIS in Zimbabwe Coalition (CiCZ) chairperson, Peter Mutasa, has called on struggling Zimbabweans to unite and fight President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s “restrictive” regime.

Mutasa, who was giving his Workers’ Day speech ahead of the May Day commemorations, detailed how the Zanu PF government had left workers in near destitute circumstances.

He bemoaned the decision by government to maintain the Zimbabwe dollar despite its continued loss of value, the high cost of living, unemployment and the repressive nature of the current administration.

Mutasa, a former Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) president, said only a united front could solve Zimbabwe’s myriad of challenges.

“Everything has gone down. We are literally a failed state. There is no doubt that each one of us understands this problem, and as the working class, you are more analytical than many of us in the communities. You know what the problem is, you know what the cause of the problem is,” said Mutasa.

“We believe we can come together; the working class should unite, all trade unions, all workers should unite and fight back against hostility, fight back against dictatorship, fight back against repression.

“We need to build a broad alliance, an alliance between the working class, organised labour, students, youth movements, women, peasants, opposition political parties and civil society organisations.

“We can fight back and reclaim, restore the glorious days of Zimbabwe. We can fight back and restore the dignity of working people in Zimbabwe.”

Zimbabweans are currently reeling under spiraling inflation, massive unemployment and extremely hard conditions of survival.

Promises made in 2017, on Mnangagwa’s ascension to power, are yet to be honoured, with the cost of living continuing to rise amid stagnant wages being paid in the local Zimbabwe dollar.

Mnangagwa’s regime is refusing to bring back the American dollar, against advice of industrialists, economic analysts, ordinary citizens, civic society and opposition parties.