Fire destroys building in central Harare

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By Tinei Tuhwe

A RAGING fire engulfed Simudziro Building located at the corner of Angwa and South Avenue in Harare on Friday, causing significant financial losses as goods worth thousands of dollars were consumed by the flames.

The fire started around seven o’clock in the morning destroying the structure situated adjacent Harare Central Police Station.

Business owners were left grappling in the aftermath of haplessly watching ashes of their charred merchandise.

What triggered the inferno is under investigation as authorities work to determine the extent of damage.

Harmony Musarurwa, an employee of Sopranos Meats and Bar, told that the blaze is believed to have started around 7am when a vendor attempted to make tea.

“An electrical fault is suspected to be the cause of the fire outbreak. This comes after a lady who is a vendor tried to make some tea.

“Authorities are investigating the incident further to determine the exact cause of the fire and assess the extent of the damage. The businesses have been dealt a significant blow. This affects owners and employees, with valuable assets destroyed in the flames.

When visited the scene, some shop owners were in tears failing to come to terms with the loss.

Most affected persons declined to comment as they were still in shock and pain.

Among the businesses affected were Sopranos Bar and Butchery, Peesun Products specialising in cosmetics, and a shop selling electricals such as fridges and stoves.

The Fire Brigade is said to have responded promptly to extinguish the blaze, but not before extensive damage had been done to property.