First Lady’s donations an insult to Zimbabweans, says top MDC-T official

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MDC-T Women’s Assembly chairperson Lynette Kore said the First Lady’s humanitarian work was an insult to people who find themselves in terrible situations brought about by the government which her husband has been part of in the last three decades.

Recently, Auxillia Mnangagwa launched her charitable organisation, Angels of Hope, whose main focus is to uplift women, end girl child marriages and help orphans.

Speaking to MDC Alliance supporters in Chinhoyi last week, Kore said when Auxillia’s husband was inaugurated as President she started making “surprise visits” to public hospitals in Harare and Bulawayo just to get media attention and introduce herself to citizens as she was virtually unknown.

“This is an outright insult to suffering citizens when a First Lady visits local medical institutions and it make news headlines in state media not because she cares, but just to see how we poor people are treated in dilapidated hospitals without resources,” she said.

“Yes, she has to be surprised because for 35 years they have never used local hospitals; they are treated outside the country.”

Kore added, “Her husband has been in government led by former president Robert Mugabe holding different ministerial portfolios since 1980 and has been part of the system that has destroyed this country.”

“It’s not a secret that our hospitals are underfunded by an administration which her husband had been part of”

“She has the guts to tell workers that you are doing a great job despite a shortage of resources,” fumed Kore.

“And yet when she gets ill, she and her family seek medical services outside the country.”

The MDC-T women boss went on to say that they have also seen in the media the first lady’s pictures feeding orphans with chicken and fresh chips and yet that is nothing to celebrate.

“I want to tell Auxillia that feeding these children with pieces of cakes, chicken and fresh chips is not the solution to the problem created by your husband”.

“We want to say to Auxillia stop the insult please.”

She added, “First ask yourself where are their parents, the answer is simple they were killed by the system your government presides over.”