Five nabbed over $US2 million heist

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Court Reporter

FIVE Harare men have been arrested on allegations of stealing $1,8 million at a company owned by Chinese nationals recently.

Godfrey Jasi, 38, and Taurai Dzingai ,45, Sebastin Mupambwi ,39, Wilson Manyara,30, and Joseph Ndigo,38, appeared before a Harare magistrate Tilda Mazhande facing armed robbery charges.

They all pleaded not guilty to the charges before were advised to approach the High Court for bail application since they are facing serious charges.

Their case was remanded to May 4 pending their trial.

Four other suspects are said to be on the run.

According to the state, the suspects committed the offence on April 2 this year when they went to a company called PHI Commodities in Aspindale.

Acting in connivance, they reportedly approached the premises and parked their getaway vehicle outside before scaling the security walls.

Once inside, it is alleged they manhandled two security guards who were manning the premises and handcuffed them while tying their legs using shoe laces.

They then stole the security guards’ cell phones before forcing their way into the premises’ office where they stole laptops and other valuables.

Court heard that one the suspects was on guard and later called summoned other accomplices who were seated in the car to drive inside.

The group blasted their way into the company’s strong room using explosives and stole $1,8 million which they loaded into their car together with other valuables.

It is alleged they shared the loot and went on shopping sprees using the money.

Jasi reportedly bought a Mazda CX7 SUV using the money and relocated to Riddle Ridge after committing the crime.

Court heard detectives received information to the effect that the duo was responsible for the heist.

Investigations followed, leading to the arrest of Jasi who then implicated the second accused.

Jasi was found in possession of $8,632 which was the only money recovered so far.