Fix the politics in order to fix economy, says Chamisa to ED

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By Anna Chibamu

MDC leader Nelson Chamisa Friday urged President Emmerson Mnangagwa to make right, the country’s toxic politics insisting this was the best remedy to a rampaging economy.

He was addressing the media in the wake of a brutal police clampdown of a party demonstration by police in Harare.

“A lot of people think that the crisis in Zimbabwe is an economic crisis. Far from it,” Chamisa said.

“It is a political crisis. Fix the politics in order to fix the economy.

“The crisis in Zimbabwe is a crisis of governance. Once we fix the governance crisis, we will be able to deal with other issues.”

He added, “When you have a government that sets police against citizens, that is a crisis. When you have a government that does not understand that its citizens have a right to demonstrate, that is a crisis.”

The MDC called for a massive protest in Harare citing a fast deteriorating economic situation in a country that has experienced acute shortages in fuel, electricity, cash and lately the staple bread.

To remedy the power crisis, government has approached for rescue, South African power utility, Eskom that has agreed terms to provide 400MW of electricity to the troubled country.

“You cannot fix the economy by asking for a few millions from Eskom as a loan. That is not the answer,” Chamisa said.

“The fundamental question in Zimbabwe is the question of stolen elections, legitimacy, non-performing government compounded by incompetence and corruption. That is what we must address.”

Chamisa highlighted that the crisis would only be achieved through credible political dialogue.