Focus on your own organisation says Chamisa to Ngarivhume

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By Paidashe Mandivengerei

CITIZENS Coalition for Change leader Nelson Chamisa has hit back at critic Transform Zimbabwe’s Jacob Ngarivhume, urging the latter to focus on his own political party.

This comes after Ngarivhume slammed the CCC political tactics and online hashtag #FakaPressure calling on the party to do better in providing meaningful strategies and communicating with its supporters.

In a now deleted tweet, he wrote: “I’m sorry but Faka Pressure doesn’t cut it anymore.

“We need to be better communicators in a time of crisis.”

Ngarivhume’s biting criticism was seemingly a response to Nelson Chamisa’s ‘FAKA PRESSURE’ tweet.

The Chamisa led party has been on the receiving end of criticism over baseless online campaigns which fail to materialise into action.

In an unsparing response Chamisa wrote ‘The last time I checked he (Ngarivhume) had his organisation. What happened to it??’

The 31st July protests convener however responded saying he was still with his Transform Zimbabwe but had pinned any hope for change on the CCC and his criticism was nothing ‘personal’.

This comes after the CCC has ‘dismally’ shown up despite several calls for gatherings at the courts in support of its incarcerated members; chairperson Job Sikhala, Godfrey Sithole and thirteen other CCC activists.

The group known as the Nyatsime15 is charged with public violence and have clocked over a month in pretrial detention.

Exiled former cabinet minister Jonathan Moyo who has been on an overdrive blasting Chamisa’s political strategies concurred with Ngarivhume saying the hashtag was devoid of any meaningful action.