Food donations ‘left to rot’ in Zimbabwe

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Thousands of dollars worth of food donations have been left to rot in warehouses in Zimbabwe, local media report.

Items including flour, sugar beans and corn were donated when Cyclone Idai devastated parts of southern Africa earlier this year.

But much of the donated food was never given to the victims of the disaster and it has since expired in storage, the state-owned Herald newspaper reports.

It is not clear why the donations were not passed on. Journalists attempted to visit the warehouses on Tuesday and found them to be locked.

“I believe it is an issue of inefficiency on the part of those responsible,” a local politician, Joshua Sacco, told The Herald.

Cyclone Idai struck the coastline of Mozambique on 14 March and caused devastation and heavy loss of life.

The UN says 1.7 million people in Mozambique lived in the path of the cyclone, with a further 920,000 people affected in Malawi and many thousands more in Zimbabwe.