Former CCC councillor to contest in Zanu PF primaries

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By Staff Reporter

KWEKWE: Former Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) councillor Willard Moyo who recently ditched the opposition outfit is set to contest in Zanu PF’s weekend primary elections.

The ruling party is set to choose its candidates for council wards and parliamentary constituencies this Saturday ahead of the country’s harmonised elections later this year.

Moyo, who was Silobela Ward 29 councillor, ditched the CCC party, describing leader Nelson Chamisa as “a dictator, unpatriotic and a danger to Zimbabwe (who) must not be allowed anywhere near State power”.

Speaking ahead of the weekend primaries, Moyo said he did mind losing.

“The real enemy is CCC; we in Zanu PF are one family; primary election must not divide but rather unite us,” he said, adding, “Being a councillor is not a position it’s a calling it’s a community voluntary job.”

Moyo claimed that local community approached him to contest the elections.

“People asked me to stand as their councillor; so I could not turn them down,” he said.

“I did not want to (run) but the majority approached me and asked me to represent them for the fourth term and I agreed.

“If I am to be elected, I will complete my unfinished developmental projects. I have to build the clinic for Donsa community. I also want to make sure that our youths have some self-help projects to stop them from engaging in crime.”

He continued; “I’m well known for uniting the people of Ward 29 Donsa by distributing government inputs and food handouts without segregation and without choosing who is who.

“I will keep up the task of having them all receiving food and inputs from President Emmerson Mnangagwa without segregation with great allegiance to his saying that ‘no one and no place must be left behind’.”