Former Footie Ace Shingi Kawondera Jubilant After Meeting Ex-Wife Marry Chiwenga, a Decade After Breakup

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By Leopold Munhende, Chief Reporter

FORMER warriors striker Shingi Kawondera expressed joy after meeting his ex-wife Marry Mubaiwa Wednesday, 10 years after a messy break-up in which she allegedly forged their divorce papers before settling down with Vice President Constantino Chiwenga.

Chiwenga was at the time commander of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces (ZDF).

In a Facebook post Thursday Kawondera said, he visited Mubaiwa in hospital where she is undergoing treatment for lymphoedema.

Kawondera described their reunion as wonderful and his two hour visit as glorious.

Mubaiwa’s right arm is expected to be amputated as soon as doctors qualify her fit for surgery.

“After 10 years l finally met Mai Dee yesterday at the hospital, thank you Jesus. We spent two glorious hours together, she is still wonderful, some souls cannot be tempered with,” Kawondera said.

In Happier Times: Shingi Kawondera and Marry Mubaiwa

“Trust me l left her in very high spirits and very jovial mood and determined as ever to beat her discomforting disease and she said l know Kawondera you are a prayerful warrior you will pray for me and l was like you know l always do,” he said

“I thanked her for taking very good care of our daughter Destiny, she has grown up to be just like my mom. So friends of mine keep on praying for her and thank for your support physically morally and spiritually, may Jah, God, Allah, MWARI bless you all.”

Kawondera and Mubaiwa were married before the former model allegedly faked divorce papers and went on to marry Chiwenga who is now accusing her of attempting to kill him among other crimes that have kept her at court since 2019.

Chiwenga is also accusing her of forging A marriage certificate.