Former MDC Health Minister Urges Mnangagwa To Sack Obadiah Moyo Over Graft Accusations

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By Staff Reporter 

A FORMER Cabinet minister says President Emmerson Mnangagwa should stop paying lip service to his “zero tolerance to corruption” mantra and dismiss from government, Obadiah Moyo as Health Minister with immediate effect.

Moyo was arrested last Friday before he appeared in court facing three abuse of office charges involving the purchase of Covid-19 test kits and equipment.

However, Henry Madzorera, former MDC Health Minister during the now defunct inclusive government, told that Moyo had proved to be part of institutionalised corruption among senior government officials.

“Corruption is in the DNA of Zanu PF. The corruption happening in the health sector is only a drop in the ocean,” he said.

Madzorera said Mnangagwa must use his appointing authority to dismiss Moyo from his ministerial post with immediate effect.

“All the ministers are appointees who serve at the pleasure of the president,” he said.

Madzorera added Zimbabwe’s fight against Covid-19 had become a circus due to corruption involving senior government officials.

“But what are the consequences? The whole Covid-19 fight in Zimbabwe is a laughable circus. There is no meaningful testing going on. Even people in quarantine centres are not being adequately tested leading to what we think is massive transmission within the quarantine centres.

“Some people are having to stay a week or two more than necessary in the quarantine centres because the government can’t test them on their exit,” he said.

Madzorera said it was of grave concern that the government was largely depending on donors for Covid-19 personal protection equipment (PPE) when it had enough funds to cover all public health institutions’ needs.

“Corruption is exposing health workers to unnecessary hazards. All coronavirus related decisions are just thumb suck decisions. There is no science or evidence involved in these very important national decisions, all because of corruption,” he said.

Madzorera said Zimbabweans are living by God’s mercy.

“Zimbabweans should by now have died in their hundreds from Covid-19,” he said.