Former opposition Secretary General Hwende challenges Chamisa to save sinking opposition

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By Darlington Gatsi

CITIZENS Coalition for Change (CCC) legislator Chalton Hwende has challenged the opposition party leadership to devise a solution and save the political movement.

CCC recently lost another court battle to self-imposed secretary general Sengezo Tshabangu who sought to bar Members of Parliament he recalled from contesting in the February 3 by-election.

The High Court ruled that Ostallos Siziba, Amos Chibaya and other candidates cannot stand as CCC candidates in the by-election – another blow to the Nelson Chamisa-led party.

Reacting to the High Court’s ruling Hwende said a solid political action is needed.

“The Judgement barring our 23 Candidates from participating in the upcoming by-election is wrong and very unfortunate. Democracy and the rule of law are under attack. This is the time we need a political solution. Let’s ditch the courts and go political to save the people’s movement.

“Our leader is Nelson Chamisa and your party which you voted for is the only authentic people’s movement, united we can win Zimbabwe for change. Let’s save democracy, let’s save Zimbabwe,” said Hwende.

CCC is battling to stay afloat politically with Tshabangu’s reign of terror continuing, instigating recalls of MPs and councillors.

This has fragmented the opposition in Parliament with Zanu PF claiming more seats in the December by-election.

Losing for the umpteenth time in court, Chamisa is pressured to subdue Tshabangu is not done with recalls.

CCC spokesperson, Promise Mkwananzi said the recalled Members of Parliament are being punished for supporting Chamisa.

“Their (Siziba and Chibaya) crime: loyalty to Chamisa and faithfulness to the struggle. Other than Chamisa himself, they worked the hardest, traversing every corner of the country introducing the new party: the Citizens Coalition For Change to the masses of the people of Zimbabwe from the new party name, the new slogan, the new structure to the new strategy and many more.

“Explaining why we had to form a new party and convincing the sceptics that it was the best way to go. Even in the face of illegal recalls they stood firm and chose to go with what is right no matter the consequences and the price at a personal level. These are the calibre of people’s representatives that this country needs. We salute and commend them. We shall continue to fight for the people’s voice to be respected in Zimbabwe,” wrote Mkwananzi on X.