Former Zanu PF youth leader plots to stop Zanu PF and CCC dominance

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By Darlington Gatsi

FRINGE opposition political leader, Godfrey Tsenengamu has announced a coalition of smaller political parties to challenge the dominance of Zanu PF and the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) in next year’s general elections.

Tsenengamu is a former Zanu PF Youth League leader.

He said the coalition will witness fringe political parties coming together under the umbrella body contesting 2023 elections.

Tsenengamu said the country’s problems cannot be confronted by individual political parties, adding there was a need to put an end to binary politics characterised by the dominance of Zanu PF and CCC.

“In all the discussions we have had so far, though the programme has just started, the consultations have started. There has been an indication and a commitment by those we have had an opportunity to meet that we must come up with a third way,” he said.

“It is a movement of those parties referred to as ‘small’ and ‘useless’ parties. It also brings on board students, war veterans, war collaborators, labour, academia, the diasporans and all progressive Zimbabweans.”


The ousted former Zanu PF youth leader last year formed the Front for Economic Emancipation in Zimbabwe (FEEZ) ahead of next year’s elections.

In a new turn of events, the firebrand political figure now wants to gather all fringe political parties under a coalition.

In the build up to 2018 elections, then MDC-T president Nelson Chamisa pulled a similar strategy incorporating other parties under the MDC Alliance banner.

However, Tsenengamu did not reveal the principals and participating actors in the grand scheme, but hinted the official launch was expected next month.

Once the election period was over, the pact would transition into a Government of National Unity (GNU) to pull the country out of its current quagmire, he said.

“No single party will reform and reform the country,” the FEEZ frontman said.

“One aspect that the third way is going to bring on board is the formation of a GNU after the 20023 elections. From the current developments it is most likely, if you look at the recent results of the recent by-elections, that Zanu PF is still strong.

“If nothing is done we risk having unpleasant results and we cannot afford to give Zanu PF another five years,.”

Meanwhile, Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) details laid siege at the venue where Tsenengamu was scheduled to address journalists arguing he was not cleared by authorities. The impasse was resolved and the meeting went ahead without incident.