Former Zinara Boss Dragged To Court Over US$29 000 Debt

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By Mary Taruvinga

FORMER Zimbabwe National Road Administration (Zinara) chief executive officer, Frank Chitukutuku is in soup after he allegedly failed to pay US$29 000 for farming equipment supplied to him by a local agricultural firm.

The company, Haingate Agro Equipment (Private) Limited (Haingate) has approached the High Court seeking an order compelling Chitukutuku to settle the debt.

The debt has been pending since 2013 and according to the firm, he has refused to pay despite demand.

Court papers show that the parties entered into an agreement in 2013 for the supply of various farming equipment.

This included 16 dish disk harrows, three dish ploughs, a ripper and a ridger. 

The farming implements were supplied on credit and parties agreed Chitukutu would settle the debt within six months.

According to the court application, the 16 dish disk harrows were valued at US$14 950, the three dish ploughs were worth US$5 400 while the ripper was US$6 200 and the ridger, US$5 850.

“The farm implements were released from the plaintiff’s premises in Harare to the defendant on the 17th of November 2013 by the plaintiff,” reads the court application.

“Through the release of the farm implements, the plaintiff fulfilled its obligation to the defendant in terms of the agreement between them.

“An amount of US$15 000 was paid by the defendant on the 18th of November 2013 and another payment of US$2 000 was made on the 1st of October 2017 leaving a balance of US$22 300 including the accumulated interest,” wrote the company.

The firm further told the court that by July 1 last year, Chitukutuku owed a total of US$29 531, 43 including interest.

“The defendant was furnished with a demand letter on the 19th of September 2019 and never responded.

“The plaintiff has been forced to approach this honourable court for recourse and has been put out of its pocket in pursuing the defendant for a debt which the defendant is well aware of as reflected by the last instalment that the defendant made,” said Haingate.

Chitukutuku has not yet responded to the application in the case pending before the High Court.

The firm also wants Chitukutuku to pay costs of suit.