Former Zinara boss jailed for corruption

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By Staff Reporter

FORMER acting CEO of the Zimbabwe National Roads Administration (ZINARA) Saston Muzenda (48) has been jailed 36 months following conviction for abusing his authority as a public officer.

Muzenda was charged with criminal abuse of office and convicted after a full trial.

Six months of his sentence was scrapped on conditions of good behaviour leaving him to serve 30 months effectively.

The State proved that Muzenda unlawfully awarded Ex-Combatants Security Company an extension to their contract despite the fact that Modern Security Company and Real Star Security Company had been procedurally awarded the tender to provide services to ZINARA.

Ex-Combatants Security Company had previously been awarded a four months extension to their contract as tender procedures for the incoming companies were not yet completed.

However, when the extension period lapsed, ZINARA being represented by Muzenda did not terminate the contract.

“The accused person went on to write a letter to the Procurement Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (PRAZ) seeking the extension of the contract for a further 12 months,” said the State.

When PRAZ sought to have sight of the current contract between ZINARA and Ex-Combatants Security Company they found that the he had already extended the contract without authority from PRAZ.

He had signed an addendum on behalf of ZINARA with Ex-Combatants Security Company extending their service by 12 months knowing fully that Modern Security and Real Star had already been awarded the contract to offer security services to ZINARA.

“This was unlawful and unexpected of the accused person who held a public office at the time. ZINARA had to make payments amounting to ZWD300 948 to Ex- Combatants Security after receiving a letter from PRAZ instructing them to terminate their contract with the security company.”