Four-Year Toddler Drowns Fetching Water

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By Staff Reporter

IN an incident that left the entire local community shocked, a four-year-old child drowned in an unprotected well as it tried to fetch on in Mutare last Sunday.

Manicaland police spokesperson Inspector Luxon Chananda confirmed the incident Tuesday saying the child had been left unattended.

The now deceased Tawananyasha Chinengozi was left in the custody of the stepfather Witness Maguta by his mother Patience Mandhlaza.

However, Maguta later decided around 8 am to forage for wild fruits in a nearby forest and left Tawananyasha unattended.

After about 30 minutes, Maguta came back home and found the toddler floating in well.

A two litre container was found near the well suggesting that he was trying to fetch water.

Maguta reported the matter to Mutare Rural Police Station. The body of the toddler was later retrieved by police.