Frank Buyanga Claims His UAE-Based Director Questioned Over Tycoon’s Child Custody Fight

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By Mary Taruvinga

BUSINESSMAN Frank Buyanga’s director for one of his United Arab Emirates (UAE) businesses was subjected to “unsettling interrogation” by potential investors over his long-running child custody battle with his former girlfriend.

The business tycoon sensationally claimed the interrogations were done at the behest of the first family.

In a Facebook post to his business partners Wednesday, Buyanga for the first time expressed how the child custody battle with his former girlfriend, Chantelle Muteswa was used by his detractors to destroy his life.

“I write to you seeking to provide clarity on a matter that has found its way in the public domain and may have caused confusion or raised questions for those I work with and I’m linked to professionally and personally,” he writes.

“This is in no way intended to solicit sympathy but simply explain the sequence of events that may have affected the business partners, directors, employees, and volunteers connected to our establishments.

“A few days ago I was speaking to a director representing our UAE based entity who informed me that they were subjected to unsettling interrogation. This was apparently a result of media headlines allegedly related to the ‘gunpoint kidnapping of my son’ which is utter nonsense, terribly and dismally crafted by the members of the (President Emmerson) Mnangagwa and the Muteswa family,” claimed Buyanga.

The businessman said he also realised his son was being used to settle personal goals and as a pawn. At one time he was barred from exercising his rights as a father enjoying them by the police.

Buyanga early this year, in typical movie-style heist, managed to grab his son from the hands of the mother. He defends the move saying it was within the law to take back his son.

“Nothing I did was illegal but the police failed to protect my rights as a parent and my concerns regarding the safety and well-being of my son. The courts granted me custody before increased interference from political bigwigs derailed the course of justice,” he said.

He said it was in his child’s best interests to do what was in his power and to keep his son safe hence the decision to take him away by force.