Frank Buyanga could be sent to prison over 2014 debt

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By Mary Taruvinga

CONTROVERSIAL businessman Frank Buyanga risks imprisonment over a US$282 640 debt owed to one Tawanda Jakachira, barely a month after he was sued for failing to pay another US$100 000 debt.

Jakachira has petitioned the High Court to institute civil imprisonment proceedings against South Africa based Buyanga who has failed to settle the debt incurred in 2016.

Broken down, the payment includes US$120 000 capital debt, US$120 000 interest on the capital debt, US$10 000 agent’s commission, US$2 400 cost of drawing up an agreement of sale, US$13 240 being commission and US$17 000 being costs of arbitration.

According to court papers, Buyanga is required to pay the amount by virtue of a judgment obtained against him in the High Court in Harare on February 3, 2016.

Buyanga has also been ordered to appear before the High Court and explain why he has not paid the amount and convince the court why he should not be sent to jail.

“You should bring with you evidence of your financial position and it will be in your own interest to give the court evidence of your income from wages, salaries or other earnings and any other income you may receive from any other source,” reads part of the summons.

“The court will conduct an inquiry into your financial position and depending on the circumstances, it may not commit you to prison but instead give you further time to pay the sum due or direct you to pay it in instalments over a specified period.”

Unless he pays the plaintiff or explain his position, the businessman risks being incarcerated.

“If you do not do so, a writ of personal attachment may be issued against you and you may be committed to prison,” Buyanga was warned.

Buyanga was recently summoned to the High Court for failing to pay a $172 000 debt owed to one Patson Sithole.

The court heard he was ordered to pay Sithole back in 2015 but failed to or ignored paying the debt.