Fresh Anti-Gvt Protests Loom

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By Leopold Munhende

PROMINENT leaders of Zimbabwe’s pro-democracy movement vowed to return to the streets on Monday next week to protest for political and electoral reforms.

This was announced by Transform Zimbabwe  president Jacob Ngarivhume in a Twitter post Thursday. He said the Monday demonstration will be the first of a series of them.

His statements come barely a week after he told he was being threatened by suspected Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO) operatives in an attempt to stop him from protesting and convincing millions more of doing the same.

In a subsequent interview with, Ngarivhume said the protests will take place outside the Constitutional Court at the heart of Harare.

“Beginning Monday 16 August, I will be starting a series of protests for political and electoral reforms, and against flagrant corruption by Mnangagwa. On Monday I will be protesting outside the Constitutional Court, the very institution that has failed to safeguard the rights of citizens. I am going to stand on the foundation of the constitution the people voted for. It is time to act. Ngarivhume who last year spent over a month in remand prison having been arrested for encouraging “anti-government” protests urged Zimbabweans stand up to President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s alleged continued primitive accumulation of wealth,” he said.

“On Monday 16 August we need to make the right kind of noise, we need to let the government know that we have had enough of their rubbish, POLAD, Drax, gold smuggling, election rigging, all of it. Fellow Zimbabweans for how long are we going to suffer? Mnangagwa and his family have amassed great wealth but they are not satisfied, they want to drain this country until there is nothing left,” he said.

National police spokesperson Paul Nyathi said Ngarivhume can be allowed to protest only if he follows the law.

“I am yet to come accross Ngarivhume’s statements but as far as I am concerned, whatever is to be done has to be within the law. I would encourage everyone to abide by the law. So I cannot comment on whether or not he will be allowed to to do so until I have enough information on it,” Nyathi said.

But an adamant Ngarivhume said nothing is going to stop him.

“They can arrest me outside the court for exercising my constitutional right because they have no regard for the constitution,” he said.