Fresh cholera outbreak hits Harare; 5 confirmed cases recorded

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By Staff Reporter

A cholera outbreak has been confirmed in Harare with five cases reported, city council has said.

In a statement Tuesday, City of Harare said these cases are in Hopely Zone 5, Stoneridge,  Southlands,  Granary, and Adbernie Mbare.

“The City would like to inform residents that it has now five confirmed cholera cases in Hopely Zone 5, Stoneridge,  Southlands,  Granary, and Adbernie Mbare.

“Three of the cases had visited Buhera where there is a cholera outbreak while some may have contracted from local sources.

“We urge all residents in these affected areas and greater Harare to take necessary precautions to avoid contracting cholera.”

Meanwhile, since August 26, 12 people have died and as of 27 September 152 cases were confirmed in Buhera district, Manicaland province.

In Zaka district wards 10, 14, 15 and 21 all uncontrolled gatherings have been suspended and can only be held under supervision by health ministry personnel.

In a separate statement, District Medical Officer (DMO) Maambe said gatherings like church camp meetings, open markets and communal binge beer gatherings have been suspended.

“All funerals must be supervised by the Ministry of Health. Preparation of food at funerals is prohibited.

“All funerals must be attended by not more than 50 people and must observe hand washing with soap and water and avoid shaking of hands.

“Open markets are hereby suspended, selling of food at undesignated premises is prohibited.

“All public premises such as schools and business premises must have functional hand washing stations with water and soap,” reads the statement.

The public is urged to drink treated water, wash hands under running water before eating and after using toilets, cook food thoroughly, avoid handshakes, eating at gatherings and food from unlicensed vendors and wash all fruits before consumption.