Fresh Poll Rigging Claims Rock Zanu PF

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By Felix Matasva, Manicaland Correspondent

ZANU PF officials have accused Mutare businessman Isau Mupfumi of rigging the recently held primary election for the Dangamvura-Chikanga National Assembly constituency which saw him clinching his landslide victory.

Mupfumi thrashed political greenhorn Clyde Jani by huge margin, garnering 2 518 against his rival’s 1 303.

But that victory is now being seen as a result of vote buying, manipulation of the electoral college and outright rigging. caught up with some Zanu PF members who chided Mupfumi for influencing the internal electoral processes to his advantage.

One disgruntled female party member said: “Mupfumi’s tactics of rigging are very bad. We wanted to vote for Jani but they tempered with the electoral process.  Party members who died some years ago around 2016 were on the voter’s roll. Many people were willing to vote but they ended up leaving without casting their ballots since their names could not appear in the voters roll.”

Another ZANU PF member from ward nine which was Jani’s stronghold said the voting process was very slow as the party deployed one voting agent in a suspected move to frustrate voters.

“Three quarters of the members were denied their right to vote since their names disappeared from the records. These elections were very unfair and on the upcoming by-elections people will not vote because they impose their favoured candidates. Most names registered in cell between 2019 and 2020 disappeared from the voters roll,” the official said.


Party members from ward eight who spoke to also made the same allegations against Mupfumi.

Another party official said who was contesting for a municipal seat against a Mupfumi ally said: “Since I worked with Mupfumi in the past, I knew they would rig. My opponent was campaigning under his basket. My spies who included security officers manning the polling station tipped me that the results had been tempered with although I won. I mobilised youths to vote for me as a way to counter their moves.”

Efforts to get a comment from Mupfumi were fruitless as calls on his mobile number went answered.

However, Zanu PF provincial chair Mike Madiro dismissed the rigging claims as hogwash.

“Our system is very transparent, and those claims are hollow without any basis whatsoever. The polls were open to all who had interests to vote so long as they were in the party’s register. That is propaganda being propelled by bad losers,” Madiro said.

“Many people failed to vote, not because they are discriminated, they did not know their specific cells. Some could not avail themselves when Zanu PF was constructing its organs. Threats to vote for other political outfits is confirmation that they never believed in our ethos as a party,” he added.